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Cap off any trip to Arizona with some of the coldest beer in Arizona. And with that gorgeous view of Red Rocks, Arizona, this feels more like the Jersey Shore than one of Arizona’s largest towns. But who can argue with cold $6 beers on tap and live music around sunset?

If you’re looking for a secret type of vibe, go to the rooftop of Oak Creek Pub. We have some of the most interactive theater experiences, and, well, we’ll let you see the show yourself. One of our rooms is outfitted as a vintage train station with actual tracks, flowers, herbs, and hanging vines. Heck, even the cocktails are inspired by Shakespeare. At $17 a pop, your beer with vodka or a cider is refreshing on a warm evening. There’s so much going on at the Oak Creeks Pub, and having dinner or drinks is just one great reason to come. If you like terrific cocktails and great views, head to Red Rocks Sedona in Arizona. Hit the Oak Creek Pub, and you’ll enter a classy space that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the drinks. The menu has some excellent cocktails. Many are priced at less than $18 with some nice touches. Also, all our spirits are made in Arizona.

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