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What is the best beer to pair with a meal?

by | Aug 25, 2021

Pairing the right beer with your meal is an art form that many people don’t understand. We all have our go-to beers, but it’s important to try something new every now and then. There are so many types of beer out there, ranging from light lagers to dark stouts, so how do you know which one will pair well with your dinner?

  1. If you’re having a light meal, like grilled chicken and salad, then the best beer to pair with it would be a lager or pilsner
  2. For heavier meals such as steak or ribs, try pairing your meal with an IPA or stout
  3. Lagers are great for lighter beers that are easy to drink while IPAs and stouts provide more flavor and complexity
  4. Beers from Germany tend to have a richer taste because they use darker malts in their brewing process
  5. Wheat beers can be refreshing when paired with spicy food like Thai curry dishes because they contrast well together
  6. The bitterness of hops balances out the sweetness of desserts making them perfect for dessert courses at restaurants or dinner parties

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